Planning Application

The Planning Application for the East Tullos energy from waste facility was submitted to Aberdeen City Council on 7 March 2016.

At the Aberdeen City Council Meeting on Thursday 6 October 2016, Councillors voted by 24 votes to 13 to conditionally approve the planning application for the facility.

Additional Planning Application Information

The documents below contain additional information that was submitted to the Planning Authority in July 2016 as part of the ongoing planning process. This will shortly be available for public consultation and comments can be submitted through the Planning Application page.

In addition, there will be a public hearing on the proposal which is due to be held on 24th August 2016.

Consultee Letter (PDF 527kb)
Appendix A SEPA Letter (PDF 781kb)
Appendix B Response to Aberdeen City Council Environmental Policy Team (PDF 754kb)
Appendix C Further Landscape and Visual Information (PDF 765kb)
Appendix C Further Landscape and Visual Information: 1 (PDF 4MB)
Appendix C Further Landscape and Visual Information: 2 (PDF 8MB)
Appendix C Further Landscape and Visual Information: 3 (PDF 5MB)
Appendix D Further Transport Information (PDF 4MB)
Appendix E Noise (PDF 122kb)
Revised Photomontages (PDF 3.3MB)
Design and Access Statement Addendum (PDF 6.5MB)
Planning Application Drawings (Revised) (PDF 10.3MB)

Information in response to issues raised in planning documents: Aberdeen EfW planning queries

Planning Application Documents

Non-Technical Summary - 9 pages (PDF, 7.2MB)

Environmental Statement Volume 1 - 346 pages (PDF, 2.1MB)

Environmental Statement Volume 2
Figures Part 1 - 14 pages (PDF, 22.5MB)
Figures Part 2 - 31 pages (PDF, 18.6MB)

Environmental Statement Volume 3
Appendix 2A Site Selection - 45 pages (PDF 3.6MB)
Appendix 2B Topographical Data - 5 pages (1.9MB)
Appendix 4A Scoping Report - 41 pages (7MB)
Appendix 6A WYG Ground Investigation Report Part 1 - 45 pages (20.6MB)
Appendix 6A WYG Ground Investigation Report Part 2 - 76 pages (20.8MB)
Appendix 6B Remedios Report - 157 pages (PDF, 20.2MB)
Appendices 6C & 6D - 98 pages (PDF, 5.8MB)
6C SGN Investigation & Remediation Scope
6D Amec Foster Wheeler Phase 1 Report 
Appendix 7A Flood Risk Assessment and Drainage Impact Assessment - 62 pages (PDF, 5.1MB)
Appendix 8A Ecological Baseline Report - 26 pages (PDF 1.2MB)
Appendix 9A Transport Statement - 70 pages (PDF 4.8MB)
Appendices 10A-10D - 11 pages (PDF 645kb)
10A Sound Terminology
10B Modelling Assumptions
10C Equipment Calibration Details
10D Time History and Meteorological Data
Appendices 11A & 11B - 120 pages (PDF, 4MB)
11A Technical Methodology Report of Point Source Emissions to Air
11B ADMS Results at Human Receptors
Appendices 12A & 13A - 27 pages (PDF, 422kb)
12A Residential Visual Amenity Assessment
13A Historic Environment Index

Planning Application Drawings
Part 1 - 18 pages (PDF, 23.5MB)
Part 2 - 9 pages (PDF, 5.91MB)

Other documents
Design and Access Statement - 21 pages (PDF, 11MB)
Heat and Power Plan - 39 pages (PDF, 2.96MB)
Pre-application Consultation Report - 99 pages (PDF, 12MB)
Planning Statement - 47 pages (520kb)
Health Impact Assessment- 18 pages (PDF, 0.98MB)